Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Art Teco '94 program cover: "We came, we saw, we morphed."

[please click image to see a larger version]

More to come as we get more pages of this program scanned. A seminal event – that's putting it mildly.

Art Teco '94 is where, among other things, the San Francisco Multimedia Gulch community came together and figured out how to morph the emerging World Wide Web into a viable publishing and communications platform that could handle interactive multimedia.

We'll have to organize a separate 15th Anniversary Art Teco celebration next year to acknowledge the impact this conference had on the way the Web has developed in the years since.



David said...

And what a great event that was. I can remember an ArtTeco panel about the future of the Web. "Search" they kept repeating. Now if I had only listened to them and bought some Yahoo! stock (and sold it in December 1999.

Redactor said...

Doug Millison here.

I heard, re that Yahoo stock!

If I had just managed to sell some of the stock I got (200 shares at IPO) for doing some editorial work there after Morph's -- instead of selling when it was worth a LOT of money, I watched it crumble to pennies in the dot com crash -- Broadvision had been one of the high flyers.