Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to Art Teco '94

Again we stand to applaud the efforts of Tim Bigoness and Dave Pola who brought this event to life.

In this Welcome to Art Teco '94 message, Tim wrote:

"NO DEMOS. NO SALES PITCHES. NO SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION. What we will have is three days of meaningful and intense conversations with industry leaders and YOU, the multimedia developer community."

That's what we did, too. Panel discussion moderators roved through the audience with a microphone, for questions and comments. After all, most Art Teco '94 attendees were as expert as the panelists -- lively discussions resulted, indeed!

The first day of Art Teco 94 was hot and sunny there on the San Francisco waterfront. That's also the day that O.J. Simpson made his famous dash for fame on the LA freeways, a weird event that unspooled in strange counterpoint on some TV monitors in the Art Teco exhibition hall, and O.J. was a hot topic in the Microsoft Mini-brewery that day.

"And why not have a few parties with our friends to celebrate our future together?" Tim asks.

We did that, too!


More Art Teco '94 program scans coming soon…

[Please click image to see a larger version.]

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